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PIONEER DV-989AVi DVD Profesional HDMI iLink


HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)
The HDMI (version 1.1 compliant) interface provides pure video and audio transmission while exceptional picture quality is achieved through Pioneer’s Advanced Digital Direct Pixel technologies that encompass complete full 10-bit digital processing.

Optimum digital interfacing
The HDMI terminal can be interfaced directly, or via HDMI switching (on Pioneer’s forthcoming VSX-AX4AVi-S and VSX-AX2AV-S receivers) to a Pioneer ‘PURE Vision Black’ plasma TV, to drive the content of a fully digital pure audio and video experience.

iLink & HDMI The i.LINK Advanced Resolution Digital Audio Interface is ideal for demanding digital audio environments like DVD-Audio and SACD. It is the optimum interface to transfer directly and securely uncompressed digital content from an audio disc. The audio transmission is jitter free thanks to the application of Pioneer’s PQLS (Precision Quartz Locking system).

Superior analogue performance
The 108 MHz/14-bit Multi-bit Video D/A Converter (DAC) integrated with the VQE9 (Video Quality Enhancer) chipset ensures optimal analogue performance, while high fidelity sound is of an exceptional level thanks to the 192Khz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter applied to all channels.

Expanding applications
A range of proprietary innovations combine to deliver exceptional picture quality. Pioneer’s Advanced Digital Direct Pixel Drive, provides a two-dimensional resolution expander video scaler to increase traditional DVD video signals to high-definition levels while Pioneer’s enhanced VQE9, significantly advances video processing quality. This is achieved by transferring the signal entirely in the 10-bit domain so that even the most intricate details remain faithful to the original source. Pioneer’s Dual PureCinema Progressive Scan is also provided. This effectively doubles the scanning rate of the picture to create a rock-steady, flicker-free ‘cinematographic’ experience .

Advanced design features
ButtonsA series of design details provide easy operation of the system’s key features. For example, an SACD button allows users to switch directly between SACD
2-channel audio, multi-channel audio and CD, while a Pure Audio button delivers the ultimate in analogue sonic purity by cutting out all unused video processing and digital audio circuitry, minimising the level of noise in the audio signal for crisp, undistorted analogue sound. The DV-989AVi-S also offers user-friendly ‘jog and joy stick’ remote control unit with illuminated keys.

Completely new chassis
The system is built around a solid, stable and rigid chassis that is essential to reduce internal vibrations and deliver superb video and audio performance. The chassis is triple-layered using two steel stabilising plates to absorb vibration and eliminate interference.